OCS Logistics provides climate-controlled and dry product handling throughout the state.  Our LTL and FTL transportation services are ready to efficiently and securely move your product.  Additionally, we can offer a dedicated fleet to handle store deliveries for consistently high service levels.

OCS Logistics' sister company, OCS Transport, features a company-owned fleet of 50 tractors and 100 climate-controlled trailers.  OCS Transport has a daily presence throughout the Northeast and maintains a full brokerage authority (MC #541071) with over 400 trucking firms across the United States to facilitate point-to-point moves.




Since OCS was founded in 1989, we continually receive superior ratings from the American Institute of Bakeries.  The Department of Food Safety and Hygiene conducts the inspection of our facility on an annual basis.  The consistent superior rating meets and exceeds stringent industry standards and affirms our commitment to quality.

OCS has 12.8 million cubic feet of climate-controlled storage areas, ready to be custom tailored to meet the specific needs of our customers.  Our facility boasts 54 shipping and receiving dock doors to expedite receipt, shipment and handling.  We have the capacity to optimally handle high volume, multi-temperature case and detail picking operations as well as full pallet selection.

OCS will work with you to develop a fully customized plan with flexibility to operate 24/7 if that’s what is needed to get the job done.

The solid experience of our team combined with the use of specialized material handling equipment results in expedient processing of labeling, repacking and stenciling.


OCS Logistics utilizes the RedPrairie Digital Logistix (W)arehouse (M)anagement (S)ystem to efficiently rotate products while ensuring strict enforcement of FEFO, FIFO, LIFO, etc.  Our WMS extends to our distribution partners, peace of mind, knowing there is real time access to their inventory level via the Internet.  In addition to full visibility of inventory levels, our system offers visibility into receipts, order tracking, shipment information and product recall.  Our system is a full RF scanning, wireless environment with embedded "cooked in" RFID capabilities.  OCS Logistics maintains full AS2 / EDI capabilities to communicate transactional data timely with our customers electronically.