I was asked to share the above pics with my team members who through creative thought & muscle has once again helped make another new customer rollout a complete success. This is a HUGE club store account for us and I personally want thank each of you for helping me, help them. As always Great Job.

Last week was the highest ever for value added eastern sales. We shipped over 1 MILLION cases with a 99.9% service level.

Achieving these kinds of numbers involves lots of team work and effort by ALL departments. Special thanks to everyone involved.

Thank you for getting the facility tour ready for the two tours we had this week. You guys always show well and execute even better! We value our partnership with OCS and more importantly we value the infidivuals that make it all happen.

Looks like our service level for yesterday was 99.37 % - this is a master accomplishment given our situation yesterday and a direct result of the OCS commitment to doing what it takes for our customers.... we extend, again, our great appreciation for everything you do ....

OCS never ceases to amaze me in their processing of my orders for you. They’re a great group of people to work with.

Customer service is what will differentiate us from our competition and I think it was demonstrated over the holiday weekend. Please pass along our appreciation to all involved for their efforts to get us through a tough and large volume weekend to 2009 and to begin 2010 standing tall.

I wanted to take a moment and express my sincere gratitude for a job well done as well as the on-going performance Orefield displays regarding my orders. Please extend our thanks and appreciation as well to the people @ Orefield that continue to make this happen and for their help in our continued success.

I just wanted to echo these comments. Our customer rates us on the lates within an hour. For Orefield to be 100% on-time so far this quarter is truly impressive.

Thanks for the hard work!

Congrats to the Orefield DC for scoring a Superior rating of 900 on their AIB hygiene audit today. Once again, our site has maintained their rating despite a very stringent new auditor performing the assessment. My personal thanks to OCS for their achievement.

I wanted to thank you and the OCS team for their commitment and support over the last two weeks with our huge volume builds and demand. I know it has taxed the 4 walls, and wanted to assure you that the efforts have been recognized. Please pass on my sincere thanks to the entire team.

On behalf of the 2012 Fresh Air Fund host families and the visiting NYC children, I would like to thank you for considering our non-profit group for you donation. Without kind-hearted people and businesses, our "Farewell Picnic" wouldn't have been possible for so many families and children.

We value your place in our community and will continue to tell others how you've made a difference for these children.

It was a pleasure to visit your location today that holds our inventory. I have to say so far your operations is a First Clsss Act.

I have worked with some pretty good Customer Service Reps in my day but our account's Customer Service Rep is tops!!!!

On behalf of the Board of Directors and staff of the Allentown YMCA & YWCA, and the Christmas Dinner Committee, I would like to extend our sincere thanks for your support of our 7th Annual Dinner. Thank you so much for your kindness to the YMCA and YWCA and for your generous donation for our dinner